Sunday, 24 July 2011

nurul amalina and zulhilmi wedding


hello heyyy

last saturday, me headed to sungai buloh to attend a friend of mine wedding. he-ll no, da nak jadi bini orang da wehh. haha. okay okay. let me describe her. she's a small and not quite tall, brilliant brain, nice and so so sweet. we start to know each other during orientation. yea, part 1. we where like going out together and gossiping together. HAHAHA and and die nak kawen? wuu

okay the boy plak, zulhilmi aka imam. this boy is her classmate. they meet n challenging each other, that who had the highest score between them, should give a treat, so guess who get the highest score? Amal. since then, they start to like each other and declaire.

some photo. only few taken. pegantin was so so busyy.

kecik je amal.

masing2 muke takut ke malu ke ape?

haha. okayy. done. wish you all the happy day, in each and every moment with your partner.
 amiinnn. :)

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