Sunday, 24 July 2011

jauhh gileeee


hello heyy

emm emm. im not happy at all, with the offer to puncak alam. wehh, near to Ijok. alamak, sg buloh? adeyaii. kuala selangor uhh. uhuk2! mcm segamat, we already know that it is stated in the Johor Bahru, so we know that is JB and quite far. and for puncak alam, i just wish that it is near to shah alam, which is nearer than segamat, and near to my house. but i'm definitely wrong, puncak alam is at kuala selamgor. he-ll no. wuu.

okay, done with the disappointment. the house, which my house located at apartmen dewi, jalan astana, puncak alam. name je apartmen, tp the surrounding, humm. but i've already pay the deposit. so, just gonna put all my strength to finish my one and a half year there, and then practical. so lyna. chaiyokkk!


senyum, tak perlu kata apa apa.

senyum yang macam ni laa baru bley lift up my strength.

okay bubyeee. salam. :)