Sunday, 24 July 2011

jauhh gileeee


hello heyy

emm emm. im not happy at all, with the offer to puncak alam. wehh, near to Ijok. alamak, sg buloh? adeyaii. kuala selangor uhh. uhuk2! mcm segamat, we already know that it is stated in the Johor Bahru, so we know that is JB and quite far. and for puncak alam, i just wish that it is near to shah alam, which is nearer than segamat, and near to my house. but i'm definitely wrong, puncak alam is at kuala selamgor. he-ll no. wuu.

okay, done with the disappointment. the house, which my house located at apartmen dewi, jalan astana, puncak alam. name je apartmen, tp the surrounding, humm. but i've already pay the deposit. so, just gonna put all my strength to finish my one and a half year there, and then practical. so lyna. chaiyokkk!


senyum, tak perlu kata apa apa.

senyum yang macam ni laa baru bley lift up my strength.

okay bubyeee. salam. :)

nurul amalina and zulhilmi wedding


hello heyyy

last saturday, me headed to sungai buloh to attend a friend of mine wedding. he-ll no, da nak jadi bini orang da wehh. haha. okay okay. let me describe her. she's a small and not quite tall, brilliant brain, nice and so so sweet. we start to know each other during orientation. yea, part 1. we where like going out together and gossiping together. HAHAHA and and die nak kawen? wuu

okay the boy plak, zulhilmi aka imam. this boy is her classmate. they meet n challenging each other, that who had the highest score between them, should give a treat, so guess who get the highest score? Amal. since then, they start to like each other and declaire.

some photo. only few taken. pegantin was so so busyy.

kecik je amal.

masing2 muke takut ke malu ke ape?

haha. okayy. done. wish you all the happy day, in each and every moment with your partner.
 amiinnn. :)



hello heyy.

my mom just got back from Sabah. and and she bought us this one.

haha not to tell, there is so many other things too. but this is my favourite, which is C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E . yummyyyy.

okayy itu sahaja.

gud bye bubbyeee.

okay saje mencarik publisiti SALE



hello heyy.

today's entry, just wanna share about this new high speed broadband to access internet. he-ll yeahh. the speed was like OHEMGEEEEE. gojes gojes. no buffer, no loading, just click and tadaa, it just show up.

here is some of the packages.

cool right? okay, i took the VIP 5 packages, because only me and my lil bro using the access. my mom love to watch the TV channel available. no more astro after this. PLUSS, no more SERVICE UNAVAILABLE whenever or however the rain is that day. jyeahhhh.

some of the tv channel included

so convenience, it provide the traffic info, flight schedule info, waktu solat and and we can also facebook-ing there, yeahh in the tv. haha gotta believe me dehh.

so peeps, ask your mom to have 1, no more "internet lembap" . hahaha.

when you've sign to this unifi, you'll get all of the below equipment.

okayy, toodles! 
assalamualaikum. :)

Friday, 22 July 2011

HELLO lisa surihani


hello heyy.

ape kaitan dengan lisa surihani lak nih? hahaha. ade ade. jangan risau. GARNIER. korang mesti pernah dengar punye lah, famous amoss kot. so so, nk dijadikan cerita, aku baru jek switch set penjagaan muke aku, ke garnier. he ll yeahh. hehehe

tahniah lina, awak kena semakin rajin menjaga muka okayy?

baik bosss!!!

semangat nih nak jage muka dengan produk baru. baru boleh jadi macam lisa surihani. muahahaha

i buy the whole set okayy. hehe.

cayaa lahh lina. go for it bebehh! ngeee.

okay, nak g basuh muke, n apply all of the thing to my face. pakai night cream. jyeahhh! esok de wedding to attend. my friends wedding. teheeee,

cauu sinkiii.

ex school mate


hello heyy.

salam, ni haslinasari ehh? ni aku laa najmah, datang laa wetland, kitorang de kat sini.

aku pon ape? okayy jum, kebetulan nk kua sekali, alang kepalang. hehehe tak sangka dorang ingat lagi kat aku yang low profile time skola dulu. hahaha ayatt mintak kaki.

some picture taken. :)

ohemgee. the vieww !

kitorang laa nih. hehe

hero of the day. nangis takut tgk muke diorang. haha

thanks buddy for the invitation. i really do have a good day, though it is just for a while, but i love it, you all had bring the smile n laugh in me. wowww! cayalahhh. :)

k, adios amigoss. :))

wendy's time square


hello heyy.

here is the menu. so affordable. :)

and ini ape yang aku makan tadi. nyum nyum x abes lagi. hehe

okay byeee. 

Thursday, 21 July 2011



hello heyy.

salam cuti-cuti malaysia ni pon, aku tga kusut agy nih, kusutt. rumah sewa nk sambung blaja nanti. oww yea, further study, bachelor in Human Resource at Puncak Alam. hoyeahh. just nearby, so nothing to be worry lagi. right? haha

tp sebenarnye x, now sibuk dok carik uma sewa, and da dapat da pon,Alhamdulillah, 1 rumah dengan ex school aku, tp aku sorang jek laa ex school die, y lain sume kawan die time dip dulu. hoho hope i can get along with them. insyaAllah.

and and memang risau. just pray the best. esok da nak kena bayar deposit rumah da. hopes everything just gonna be fine. got start i wish.

the library? bia betul?

this is it, Puncak Alam

okay. done with that. bye peeps ! wish me luck there. :)



hello heyy.

okayy tawaran apekah ini? haha tawaran untuk further. ok, truthfully, bile da cuti selama 3 bulan ni, otak pon da mulai beku untuk belajar lg, and sometimes sampai terfikir tanak la belajar, nak keje, kumpul duit banyaak2. mcm woww je kan? tp wow sementara, nanti da tue menyesal, so baik terus kan je la kan.

kat luar tu ramai lagi orang yang berharap dapat further study, so aku patut bersyukur. Alhamdulillah, terima kasih ya Allah kerana bagi aku sekali lagi peluang, untuk menjadi yang terbaik. hehe.

okay, gambar tade kene mengena. haha

kalau jumpe aku kat sane nani, jangan sombong2 aww. peacee yaww. :)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

playing kite, coconut shake. wallahhhh

hello heyy.

okay, to the most recent activity that i've done for last week. what? last week? ahhaa so many things to becatch up. wuu lame sangat x update.

okay okay, lets start. balik kampung dengan harapan boleh tgk wayang transformer dengancuzzy, but cancelled coz the cuzzy punye daddy x bg. like durrrr. huhu then esok pg ingat nak menjayakan jugak that plan, and guess what? kitorang x dapat g jugakk. demm.

and then dorang pon ajak laa g tepi pantai, which is the dataran klebang, if i'm not mistaken laa kan, main layang-layang. woww. that's cool. never play kite before. so mcm excited laa kan. beli coconut shake yang famous area tuh, and then bekampung.i loikeee.

muke stim abes layan coconut shake. ahhaaa.

love the viewww.

okay si gedik bersama kakaknye n mak su nye

okay, my mum. pose baby posee.

poyo jek. ahhaa

see, teror gile main layang2, baru pegang, layang-layang uhh da terbang tinggi  nun jauh ke awan nan biru. ececehhh. hahaha best gile. macam family gathering sikit2. best sangat. rase hubungan among my mum siblings sangat rapat. later kite g vacay same2 lagi ehh. miss all of you lahh.

k, till then. chawww.

keeping up

hello heyyyy.

semenjak da x study lagi kat segamat kan, i admit that, rindu gilee zaman jd student dulu, bukan rindu kat segamat, rindu kat kawan2, yang biase kite hang out, hari hari dapat spent tine, borak borak, gelak gelak, gadoh gadoh. humm n like now? susa sangat nk jumpe. kite pon asek spent time dgn family jek kan. so that day, anis farhah balik minggu, then teros ajak kua. ahhaa. terbaik, set time dengan die and siti sarizah, kite ngedate. 

bile da jumpe uhh kan, masing2 mule laa, cerite tu, cerite ni, coz da lame x jumpe kan, but then, mase amat menjeleskan kite, kena balik. dorang nak tengok bola mlm uhh. uhuk2.

friend os always befriend. nomatter how hard, bad they are. right?

okay the. toodles!


my job for this break

hello heyyy readers.

ahhaa. difikirkan balik, 3 bulan aww kite cuti, so according to my plan, nak kerja, n kumpul duit untuk my engagement, but then my sister married, i can't work at that time, coz nk kne handle all the stuff. tp tak ape laa kan,coz i just think 2 months of working should be okay. haha. so i do my job as a wedding planner dgn bersungguh-sungguh. after the ceremony, i da nk get ready untuk check any vacancies, i dont really care where the job is, what i really do care is i have a job, because if i don't, gonna be a very longgggggggg holiday for me, by doing nothing. aiyooo. x pernah cuti sem x keje.

okayy, nak dijadikan cerita, i got a call, from my sis, suh tolong be her babysitter for ubai, which is my niece, and i say YES!! YES!! siapa yang x suke kan nk jage anak buah sendiri. it's a pleasure for me dehh sistahh. hehe.

siapa sangka? x payah g carik, datang sendiri. haha kerja pon rileks saja, main2dengan ubaidah al-fatih yang sangat kiut uhh, and then mandikan die, bg die makan, susu and tidoo, bile petang bawak die jenjalan jap, mandikan die and tidoo lagi. see as simple as that. and i dont need to ask a day off, coz everyday is my day off, no OT, no commision. hahaha still boleh dating and bring him.

penyibuk die nih. nak menyelit jekk. hehe

at sunway. ohemgee, so adorable. grrr
okay, penat jalan, saye nak tidooo.

kiut jek, geram jek. da la pandai amek hati orang, nak marah pon x jadi. wuu. ubaidah al-fatih, ingat taw, da besar join imam muda taw? hehe sayangssss die sangattt sangatttttt. muahhhh! xoxoxox

okay, done. byee peeps!

salamm. tc.

carl's jr

hello hyeee.

hahaha di pagi yang indah ini, lapar laa pulak. and saje nak buat post pasal makan. amm nyam nyam.

and then da sampai sane, nak tengok wayang da boring, so jalan punye jalan, and perut begendang, we all carik laa ape2 yang boleh dimakan. and then there it is, carl's jr yang menyelamatkan perut kitorang. jyeahhh. makan time. waaaaaa.

i can't finish it all. besarr punye. huhu

rainforest yang sangat cantikk kat sini. tp xde pic view plakk.

okay, then duduk and enjoy the scene of senja, dapat rase angin2 sepoi bahasanye pon, lepak lepak, cerita crita, and it's the time to go home. wuuu. 

okay, done. byee readers. :)

salammm. tc