Thursday, 19 May 2011

life is so demanding

hello heyy.

this entry is just wanna share about a thing, that basically we do in our life, but yet, LIFE IS SO DEMANDING.

at first. as a daughter.
.. i'm a daughter of a workaholic parents. my mother work as the senior accountant in one of the government department, and my father, were working as a senior sales dealer in Goodyear corporation but already retired.humm. why life is so demanding to me? as a daughter, whenever i do something, i didn't want to be credited, i just want them to realize and feel thankful, because everything that i've put on, my works, my effort and my feeling, it is all because of them, about making them proud because having me as one of their daughter. but still, LIFE IS SO DEMANDING. usually i'll make my daily routine like cleaning, washing, tidy-up the house to ensure that this house is completely neat, so then when you get back from work, all that u can do left is just rest, i've put too much effort on that. the simplest words as 'thank you' and 'so sweet of u lyna' will make me feel appreciated.

second. as a sister and a lil sister
..i'm a sister of one lil brother which is currently, with the age of 15th years old. an active lifestyle, and a stubborn lil brother will make u feel more stressed up. as for me, a sister, i have to be nice with him. even tough he always untidy up the tidy closet, or refuse to wash the dishes that he is using, even tough he always make all the shirt that he had used just in the floor, without putting that shirt into a basket, even tough he always let the closet door open, even tough he always wake up late and let his bed untidy, even tough everything that he does, i still, and i have to be good to him. guess that is the reason for me that LIFE IS SO DEMANDING.  

third. as a friends
..sometimes, forgive can make a relation last forever. but there is, always be a situation, in which, when we forgive and forget all the mistakes committed by our friends, yet they keep on doing the same mistakes, all over again, i think it is enough. we still can be known as a friends, enough when i've already found out the true colour of you, and i'll keep myself away from u. it is hard to pretend, that there is nothing happen, we u yourself know, what did they've done to u, their talked about u, but still, in front of u, they were pretending that they like to befriend with u. is it fair when we keep on doing the good things to them, in return, they just give a shit to u? that is why LIFE IS SO DEMANDING. whatever it is, u still have to be nice to them, because once called friends, forever will be known as a friends. once u've know and see each other, that one we call it friends.

can u see, and can you your own interpret yourself, on the reason why is it LIFE IS SO DEMANDING to u? i do, and it is listed already.

whatever u do, remember, do not make life difficult for the others. biarlah kita yang susah,bukan orang lain. got me?

so live your life yaww ! peaceeee. :)

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