Tuesday, 10 May 2011

fast 5 kebebeh

hello heyy.

ni nak habaq maii nih, pasai cita ni laa, kami, the boyfie n the bakal bride, which is my siztah ke OU, then mid valley n lastly to wangsa walk, coz nk dptkan tiket tgk crite nih. maklumlah, first day keluar, demand die, pehh asek2 selling fast, mmg sgt sedih laa kan, x dptt tgk time first day dorang launched kan muvie uhh kat Malaysia nih. tp, semalam saye dapat tgk crite nih, n dapat jeleskan my siz! haha

comment? diz movie is so brilliant. gosh, i just love the actor, who is tough enough, and all the other supporting actor, which is, basically, i can say that they've choose the right, hot and sexy actor and actress. 100% satisfactory.

and if i could, i wanna be just like one of them, become one of them, because eventhough they live as the most wanted person, but they do have the passion pf love, love for the family, and the friends yaww. so, sape ckp orang jahat nih tade hati perot? haha ni kes da terpengaruh sangat nih dgn drama. err.

plus, this movie was so romantic! just love it! ade ummphh lahh boleh dikategorikan. hehehe. love it love it love it.

so, akak ku, n yang lain, this movie is a MUST see movie. g laa tgk. x rugi. wink :)

best. both is the body builder and guin to fight! awesome.

just love this team. :)

okayyy. that's all for this entry. thanks coz spending your time reading this entry. wallaahhhh. :)

salam, tc~~

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