Thursday, 19 May 2011

day dreaming

hello heyy.

kali ni, entry about my angan-angan. terlalu banyak yang diangankan oleh saye. firstly, my car, my home, my life and my job. but currently, i always keep on dreaming having a house with my own decoration.

first of all, the concept of my wanna be house is, BALI style. u know why? because BALI style encounter a very sweet and romantic environment. and i am a romantic person, it is so adorable.

okay, jum, kite g at the heart of the house. well, (i guess so). hahaha. it is the bedroom. bedroom sangat penting untuk kite, to have a relaxation, comfortable and joy with our house. i wish that my bedroom will look like this.

i just love the bed style. waaa.

next, the living room. tak nak ade banyak sangat perabot, nanti serabut n senang berhabuk, so it will look like this one.
simple right? nice too. :)

next, my bathroom. a place where i can clean up myself, n other stuff that i can do, which is more private.
sangat convenience, a lot of compartment. :)

okay, last but not least. (ayat clishe) hahaha the kitchen, a place where i can bond my relationship with my hubby. hahaha sebab nak masak untuk orang yang tersayang.

okay, this one might be too much, tp bayangkan it is compressed in a small area, okay la. :)
hahaha. okayy, settle da dgn rumah impian ku. tak nak terlalu heavy dengan barang2, nnty semak jek, nak pindah2, beli jugakkan perabot baru, so simple n tidy, it is more than enough for me. tak nak rumah besar2 sangat, coz nnty if gonna stay alone, takut. hahaha okayy, how about your dream house plak? :)

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