Tuesday, 17 May 2011

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hello heyy.

this entry ain't for fighting, or to show off, who's the right one, or who the one that should be blaming off. there is someone, who proudly make an announcement about a stalker. who apparently, they do their best condemning that person.

basically, a stalker is someone who keeps following or contacting someone else, especially a famous person or a person they used to have a relationship with, in an annoying and frightening way. this is what a stalker is, and a person that being stalked off. okay, guys or girls, are you FAMOUS enough to called others stalker? or am I annoyed u, with contacting u? following u? and do u have any evidence by accusing else? haa, think briefly dear. u've show how stupid you are thru your act sayangg. poor u.

okay, here is the explanation. i'm not sending my spy to overlook u, and yes, who are u for me to send all my fellows to be my spy? aiyaaa. itu adalah hak masing-masing untuk menambah kawan2 diorang, at least diorang ikhlas untuk jadikan awak wujud dalam friend list diorang, and awak, awak pown ade hak jugak, untuk ignore friend request yang ada. oww, mereka tak bersalah, awak yang salah untuk terima, and then mengata orang? ohemgeee. malu jek. what for u have your own social network, and the suddenly, a friends adding u, and u called them stalker? haihh. maknenye semua kawan yang ade wujud dalam friend list kau 2 adalah stalker laa kan. if that so, well, u might have a miserable life. mentality kurang kot.

A stalker also is someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission. okay, here, did i interrupt your FB, or other social network? am i trespassing your territory? your privacy? nope, never okay. so, jangan nak perasan sangat laa kan.

fuhh. sorry, i don't want to mess up, da lame da pown cerita ni, tp saye baru dapat taw. n saye just nak pertahankan, and betulkan ape yang dorang fikirkan. changed, grow up dear, think positive. 

so friends, feel free to comment. am i right, or am i wrong?

byeee. salamm. :)
bhaha. they call me akak HT? dehel. aku taw la aku tak lawa mcm ko. err (mate ke atas, tangan di bahu)

p/s: thanks to my bff.

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