Tuesday, 31 May 2011

walimatul urus

hello heyy.

hee. mcm biase, bile ade je majlis pape, mesti la kite nak bergaye mcm hape tah, then camwhore sekejap kan. so same laa mcm saye. thanks to my sayang, yang datang, even though jalan jem gile gara gara hari belia at putrajaya, y betol betol berhadapan dengan dewan kitorang, n banyak jalan yang tutp. grrr. hahaha tapi ape pon,  semuanya berjalan dengan lancar. semua orang pon nampak cantik jek. hee. :)

some photo to be displayed.

the bride
ain n me bergaye dgn kereta pengantin.

ain n ayie yang baru get engaged 28th may, congrats :)

the gorgeous kak ika n kak kina y datang. :)

mama n mama lyna n ubai :)

the big happy family.

my sweetheart ubaidah al-fateh. :)

okay, itu sahaje foto y dapat dimasukkan. hee tenet semakin lembab, so gud bye bubbye. huhu daaa. doakan akak saye bahagie dunie akhirat hendaknye. aminnn. :)

the movement

hello heyy.

da lame rasenye tak update belog. maklumlah, my sis wedding, macam saye plak y nak kawen, saye plak yang telebeh lebeh bz nye. haha niway, the ceremony was so fantastic, but yet, im so exhausted. errr. hehehe so, todays entry, just wanna share, a make over, of the bilik pengantin. ngee.

before dihias

after dihias

the other side

okayy. that's all. hehe saje nak share. humm ntuk wedding kali ni, banyak effort yang telah dibuat. n hope semua berpuas hati dengan hasilnye. hehe

bye, salam. :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

thanks to u God, the most merciful

hello heyy.

 tanggal 25th may, maka telah pown diumumkan di sekalian alam, result untuk student UiTM. aiyooo. gentar, gerun, x tido malam, gegel2, semua jadi satu. semalam, balik je dr minum2, 4 about pukul 12 lebih, saye teros on lappy, n then teros cek result. ohemgeee. kental gile kan? hahaha and then kan, and then sangat terkejut, n x sangat berpuas hati, but yer mampu bersyukur laa, coz dapat grade on time! hell yeahhhh. wuu best gile.

okay okay, di sini, ketika dan saat ini, saye ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada mummy saye, yang banyak sangat bg support kat saye, tatkala saya menitiskan air mata, die ade disamping dan membekalkan sisa sisa semangat.

and kepada kawan2 yang sudi membantu, terutama subjek yang saye lemah, this one 4 u. mmmuuuahhh! sayang korang sangat2. alhamdulillah, we've made it. tade sape pown y x grade on time. alhamdulillah.

kepada Allah, terima kasih memberi peluang kepada aku, hambaMU yang hina, mendekati dan mempelajari agamaMU dengan lebih mendalam, sekaligus dapat meningkatkan ilmu didada ku, dan juga resultku. ku panjatkan kesyukuranx terhingga kepadaMU. :)

hahaha bermadah puisi laa pulak. bukan ape, da tamat da DIPLOMA IN BANKING saya. now tinggal nak grade, n tunggu next result, further study, dapat ke x eh? insyaAllah dapat. hehe bubbye DIPLOMA. :)

semuga bertemu lagi yaa degree nanti UiTM di hati ku. hahaha nak shah alam je, tanak jauh2. aminnn. :)

Friday, 20 May 2011

who says

I wouldn't wanna be anybody else.
You made me insecure
Told me I wasn’t good enough
But who are you to judge
When you’re a diamond in the rough
I’m sure you got some things
You’d like to change about yourself
But when it comes to me
I wouldn’t want to be anybody else

Na na na
Na na na

I’m no beauty queen
I’m just beautiful me

Na na na
Na na na

You’ve got every right
To a beautiful life

Who says
Who says you’re not perfect
Who says you’re not worth it
Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting
Trust me
That’s the price of beauty
Who says you’re not pretty
Who says you’re not beautiful
Who says

It’s such a funny thing
How nothing’s funny when it’s you
You tell ‘em what you mean
But they keep whiting out the truth
It’s like a work of art
That never gets to see the light
Keep you beneath the stars
Won’t let you touch the sky

okay, this song give a thought about yourself, boost your confidence, so that u can always face the others, with your spirit, encounter all the sadness and turn it into new challenges. in such way, u and yourself need to have a really positive thinking and attitude with yourself, with others too. because helping other do make u feel better. trust me. :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

gorgeous, so so gorgeous

helklo heyy.
look look, deretan wanita cantik. what's going on?

katty perry innocent looks.

well, this hot mama know how to style
adore her face so much

super hot women

ambitious women, plus hot too.

with this kids look took JB hearts away.

hahaha. nothing. i just love them, their face. masing-masing ade kecantikan, kelebihan, kekurangan sendiri. sometimes, i wish i can be just like them. berjaya, well known, rich and richer. haha but i know who am i. tapi pape pown, i'll try, to be one of the successful person. i'll make them as my idol. hee.

life is so demanding

hello heyy.

this entry is just wanna share about a thing, that basically we do in our life, but yet, LIFE IS SO DEMANDING.

at first. as a daughter.
.. i'm a daughter of a workaholic parents. my mother work as the senior accountant in one of the government department, and my father, were working as a senior sales dealer in Goodyear corporation but already retired.humm. why life is so demanding to me? as a daughter, whenever i do something, i didn't want to be credited, i just want them to realize and feel thankful, because everything that i've put on, my works, my effort and my feeling, it is all because of them, about making them proud because having me as one of their daughter. but still, LIFE IS SO DEMANDING. usually i'll make my daily routine like cleaning, washing, tidy-up the house to ensure that this house is completely neat, so then when you get back from work, all that u can do left is just rest, i've put too much effort on that. the simplest words as 'thank you' and 'so sweet of u lyna' will make me feel appreciated.

second. as a sister and a lil sister
..i'm a sister of one lil brother which is currently, with the age of 15th years old. an active lifestyle, and a stubborn lil brother will make u feel more stressed up. as for me, a sister, i have to be nice with him. even tough he always untidy up the tidy closet, or refuse to wash the dishes that he is using, even tough he always make all the shirt that he had used just in the floor, without putting that shirt into a basket, even tough he always let the closet door open, even tough he always wake up late and let his bed untidy, even tough everything that he does, i still, and i have to be good to him. guess that is the reason for me that LIFE IS SO DEMANDING.  

third. as a friends
..sometimes, forgive can make a relation last forever. but there is, always be a situation, in which, when we forgive and forget all the mistakes committed by our friends, yet they keep on doing the same mistakes, all over again, i think it is enough. we still can be known as a friends, enough when i've already found out the true colour of you, and i'll keep myself away from u. it is hard to pretend, that there is nothing happen, we u yourself know, what did they've done to u, their talked about u, but still, in front of u, they were pretending that they like to befriend with u. is it fair when we keep on doing the good things to them, in return, they just give a shit to u? that is why LIFE IS SO DEMANDING. whatever it is, u still have to be nice to them, because once called friends, forever will be known as a friends. once u've know and see each other, that one we call it friends.

can u see, and can you your own interpret yourself, on the reason why is it LIFE IS SO DEMANDING to u? i do, and it is listed already.

whatever u do, remember, do not make life difficult for the others. biarlah kita yang susah,bukan orang lain. got me?

so live your life yaww ! peaceeee. :)

day dreaming

hello heyy.

kali ni, entry about my angan-angan. terlalu banyak yang diangankan oleh saye. firstly, my car, my home, my life and my job. but currently, i always keep on dreaming having a house with my own decoration.

first of all, the concept of my wanna be house is, BALI style. u know why? because BALI style encounter a very sweet and romantic environment. and i am a romantic person, it is so adorable.

okay, jum, kite g at the heart of the house. well, (i guess so). hahaha. it is the bedroom. bedroom sangat penting untuk kite, to have a relaxation, comfortable and joy with our house. i wish that my bedroom will look like this.

i just love the bed style. waaa.

next, the living room. tak nak ade banyak sangat perabot, nanti serabut n senang berhabuk, so it will look like this one.
simple right? nice too. :)

next, my bathroom. a place where i can clean up myself, n other stuff that i can do, which is more private.
sangat convenience, a lot of compartment. :)

okay, last but not least. (ayat clishe) hahaha the kitchen, a place where i can bond my relationship with my hubby. hahaha sebab nak masak untuk orang yang tersayang.

okay, this one might be too much, tp bayangkan it is compressed in a small area, okay la. :)
hahaha. okayy, settle da dgn rumah impian ku. tak nak terlalu heavy dengan barang2, nnty semak jek, nak pindah2, beli jugakkan perabot baru, so simple n tidy, it is more than enough for me. tak nak rumah besar2 sangat, coz nnty if gonna stay alone, takut. hahaha okayy, how about your dream house plak? :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

bla bla bla

hello heyy.

this entry ain't for fighting, or to show off, who's the right one, or who the one that should be blaming off. there is someone, who proudly make an announcement about a stalker. who apparently, they do their best condemning that person.

basically, a stalker is someone who keeps following or contacting someone else, especially a famous person or a person they used to have a relationship with, in an annoying and frightening way. this is what a stalker is, and a person that being stalked off. okay, guys or girls, are you FAMOUS enough to called others stalker? or am I annoyed u, with contacting u? following u? and do u have any evidence by accusing else? haa, think briefly dear. u've show how stupid you are thru your act sayangg. poor u.

okay, here is the explanation. i'm not sending my spy to overlook u, and yes, who are u for me to send all my fellows to be my spy? aiyaaa. itu adalah hak masing-masing untuk menambah kawan2 diorang, at least diorang ikhlas untuk jadikan awak wujud dalam friend list diorang, and awak, awak pown ade hak jugak, untuk ignore friend request yang ada. oww, mereka tak bersalah, awak yang salah untuk terima, and then mengata orang? ohemgeee. malu jek. what for u have your own social network, and the suddenly, a friends adding u, and u called them stalker? haihh. maknenye semua kawan yang ade wujud dalam friend list kau 2 adalah stalker laa kan. if that so, well, u might have a miserable life. mentality kurang kot.

A stalker also is someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission. okay, here, did i interrupt your FB, or other social network? am i trespassing your territory? your privacy? nope, never okay. so, jangan nak perasan sangat laa kan.

fuhh. sorry, i don't want to mess up, da lame da pown cerita ni, tp saye baru dapat taw. n saye just nak pertahankan, and betulkan ape yang dorang fikirkan. changed, grow up dear, think positive. 

so friends, feel free to comment. am i right, or am i wrong?

byeee. salamm. :)
bhaha. they call me akak HT? dehel. aku taw la aku tak lawa mcm ko. err (mate ke atas, tangan di bahu)

p/s: thanks to my bff.

Cinta Melody

hello heyy.

since cuti semester yang agak panjang nih, yang terr sangat panjang nih, sementare tunggu habisnya majlis kakak saye kahwin, i am prohibited to work, or even to find any job, so, kerja saye di rumah ini adalah sebagai suri rumah tangge yang sangat berjaya. hahaha. loser. boring oww sebenarnye, dok rumah, kemas rumah, tp x suke jugak if rumah macam tongkang pecah. okay dah, tamat sesi luahan hati dan dedikasi.

the main reason for this blog entry is, cerita ni, CINTA MELODY. woo woo woo. hahaha bagi siapa yang pernah dengar tajuk cerita ni, tp x pernah tengok, anda rugi, and bagi sesiapa yang tak nak tengok langsung, awat jadi bodoh sombong cenggitu, try laa tengok sikit, haha kidding, and bagi yang tengah melayan cerita nih, good job dear. okayy, saye tertarik sangat dengan cerita nih, first sebab lagu die, AISHITERU. best lagu 2, sedap, layannn, ade ummpphhh. (hahaha coz i love indonese song much much), and then, pelakon die yang ganteng banget, tambah perempuan uhh, yang kiut and sweet jek muke die. i loikee. heee.

suke sangat tengok muke perempuan uhh. aka Melody

kiutkan pasangan ni?

okayy, finish already. so korang, jangan malu, jangan segan, bukan kena bayar pown tengok cerita nih, just have a try. hehe.

k, salamm.

waiting for the wedding day

hello heyy. :)

while waiting for my siztah wed day, i'm having a hectic day, which clearly, i'm the one, with my mummy who is responsible to ensure that all the things, goodies, everything is in the right place, more, keeping up the tidiness of the house isn't that easy. ohemmgeee. patah riuk tulang belakangku. wuu. memang mengalahkan orang yang nak kahwin bz nye.

sorry friends, saye x edarkan kad kawen kat korang, just cakap mulut jek, coz tempah kad kawennye for almost two thousand, tp pengantin sendiri pown dapat 50 keping kad, selebihnya my parents lah yang punye. haha macam dorang pulak yang nak kahwinnye. haihhh.

so, menjelang this 28, which is malam nikah kang, i have no more friends to chit chatting, coz all my siztah getting marries already. sob sob. da susa maw jumpe mereka nih, apetah agy bergurau senda. x sanggup. hee tp pape pown, kne let go. to my beloved siz, semuga berbahagia.

selamat berkahwin nursyaidahsari & dinie affendi.:)

well. after preparing for their wedding day, guess who plak kne take turn ntuk arrange my wedding? mereka semua laa. hahaha tunggu ye. 

k, pen off. bubbyeee. :)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

aurat aurat

hello heyy.
okayy, tajuk kite kali nih formal sikit dari biase. AURAT. ramai antare mereka nih yang da lupe care2 hendak menutup aurat. ye laa, orang sekarang kan da living in the fab line, masing2 da sibuk dok kejar budaya barat, fesyen barat, culture barat, sampai kekadang, ade yang langsung da lupe tentang agama mereka sendiri. aku just buat research, tentang care menutup aurat yang sebenar, cause i'm still learning jugak. i'm learning to wear a proper, yet not too dummy. huuu saye tanak since saye pakai tudung, saye nampak selekeh. NO NO, but utk bergaye pown, kne gak ikut panduan menutup aurat.

okayy, so korang da pown bace kan, ape yang salah, and ape yang patot kite lakukan, untuk menutup aurat dengan care yang betol. see, saye sendiri pown ade gak pakai macam ape yang ade dalam gambar uhh. so, thru this, i can filled up my knowledge, and yours too.it's not too late to changed. akanku shopping dan beli baju yang lagi appropriate, yang akan mencontohi gaye seorang muslimah. hehe insyaALLAH. siape tanak berubah ke jalan yang lagi baik kan?

so, if kite nak tutp aurat, tutup la aurat dengan sempurna. alright? okayy lina? okayyy, i will ! so, aja aja fighting. :)
 okayy, if korang nak tgk dgn lebih clear agy, so click here

fast 5 kebebeh

hello heyy.

ni nak habaq maii nih, pasai cita ni laa, kami, the boyfie n the bakal bride, which is my siztah ke OU, then mid valley n lastly to wangsa walk, coz nk dptkan tiket tgk crite nih. maklumlah, first day keluar, demand die, pehh asek2 selling fast, mmg sgt sedih laa kan, x dptt tgk time first day dorang launched kan muvie uhh kat Malaysia nih. tp, semalam saye dapat tgk crite nih, n dapat jeleskan my siz! haha

comment? diz movie is so brilliant. gosh, i just love the actor, who is tough enough, and all the other supporting actor, which is, basically, i can say that they've choose the right, hot and sexy actor and actress. 100% satisfactory.

and if i could, i wanna be just like one of them, become one of them, because eventhough they live as the most wanted person, but they do have the passion pf love, love for the family, and the friends yaww. so, sape ckp orang jahat nih tade hati perot? haha ni kes da terpengaruh sangat nih dgn drama. err.

plus, this movie was so romantic! just love it! ade ummphh lahh boleh dikategorikan. hehehe. love it love it love it.

so, akak ku, n yang lain, this movie is a MUST see movie. g laa tgk. x rugi. wink :)

best. both is the body builder and guin to fight! awesome.

just love this team. :)

okayyy. that's all for this entry. thanks coz spending your time reading this entry. wallaahhhh. :)

salam, tc~~

Monday, 9 May 2011

favouritahh nifty lahhh.

hye, my name is FRED. :)

hello heyyy. :)

for about last two days, if i'm not mistaken laa kan. tga dok borak2 dengan the boyfie dalam kete, then tibe2 jek macam teringat kat cerite nih, FLINSTONE. haa mesti korang taw kan cite ni? siyess, dulu zaman mude2 dulu, memang pebret abess laa flinstone nih, sebab macam best jek dunie diorang. zaman batu laa katekan.

tp, y paling x bley nk dilupekan dlm cite nih, die de kete, tp gerak gune kaki. haa cube laa korang bygkn, if now pon, still mcm uhh. rase2, xdek orang kot y nk berebut beli kete, n xdek nye orang ye ye jek nk berjalan, coz same jek mcm jalan kaki, tp agy penat, coz kne pakai kaki sendiri. HAHA

tp saye suke wifey die dalam cerite nih, cantik jekk. heheh overall comment, i just feel like i wanna be in that particular zaman. zaman batu woo. heee.

okayyy. its time to sleep. i really do need to take a nap.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

yaa beddaaa bedduuuu!

hello heyyyy!
hyee peeps, this entry nak showkan betapa bestnye saye, pergi mengenjuykan diri, sejurus selesai menjawab paper yang paling akhir. waaa. the end of us? ehh nope, the end of diploma sayangs. diploma baru, long way to go lyna. hehe.

okayy, nak dijadikan cerita, kitorang overnyte at MALACCA, mule2, g invitation BBQ sempena birthday kawan kitorang at dataran 1 malaysia, haa mesti wonderingkan kat mane? ianya bertempat di Pantai Klebang yang da ditandus dgn pasir uhh. hee. soo makan punye makan, camwhore jap, da jd buntu, where is our next destination. 

ini laa baby yang mengharumkan dunia saye

dan ini yang terlibat dlm mewarnai dunie saye

ye, merekalah kekasih saye. :)

then after kenyang and bergambar, kami pown melangkah kaki, menuju ke kedai mamak. HAHA sounds boring, but no it isn't. kitorang chit chatting together, usha mamat gay y sangat handsome (opps! saye tlng tgkkan je) haha. then tataw nk bt ape, kitorang pown balik laa. balik ke Segamat that night jugak. we end up tidoo dalam kete saje. hee tp saye da memang tido dulu start kete uhh bergerak. sorry sayangss.

tujuan hang out nih, kunonnye mcm nk meraikan hari2 terakhir saye di UiTM Segamat. uwaaa. sedih gak act, coz i've soo many friends there, if not, x kenal derr dgn kakak2 yang sgt baik hati nih, n xdek orang nk jage saye mcm mne dorang jge saye. uhuk2! god, gonna mish u laa seluruh housemate, dan juga kengkawan y lain.

da mcm2 kita lalui, so here's, one of the suitable song to matched woth this situation. sobsob


Teman Sejati 

Selama ini
Teman yang sejati
Buat menemani
Perjuangan suci

Bersyukur kini
PadaMu Illahi
Teman yang dicari
Selama ini
Telah kutemui

Dengannya di sisi
Perjuangan ini
Senang diharungi
Bertambah murni
Kasih Illahi
KepadaMu Allah
Kupanjatkan doa
Agar berkekalan
Kasih sayang kita

Kepadamu teman
Ku pohon sokongan
Pengorbanan dan pengertian
Telah kuungkapkan

KepadaMu Allah
Kupohon restu
Agar kita kekal bersatu
Kepadamu teman
Teruskan perjuangan
Pengorbanan dan kesetiaan
Telah kuungkapkan
Itulah tandanya

Kejujuran kita

okay, more photos provided. :)

and this is the BBQ, kitorang tukang mkn jee.

mereka y mulenye malu2 nk bergambar. :)

haaa da start da x malu.

memang, kamera uhh da mule FULL dgn pic mereka je.

F? for who anes? hahaha

sorang peace, sorang penat

last pose b4 balik. :)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

aku lebih tahu


hello heyyy !

lap sikit lap sikit. ini belog sudah pown berhabuk laa. hehehe al maklumlah, sibuk menjawab paper final y betol2 dah FINAL nih. wuu bestt2! saye da merdeka! wee.

okayy, merujuk perkara di atas "aku lebih tahu" . korang rasa pasal ape hehh? emm. okayy, x perlu nak rasa sangatt laa kan, mehh sini che' habaq maii mehh, ni haa, pasal seseorang yang dah pown aku kenali lebih kurang, dekat 5 tahun jugak. lamee kan? kitorang kenal since aku form 4, dah nak dekat akher tahun macam 2, sejarah perkenalan kitorang? HAHAHAHA gelak dulu guling2, emm thru salah kol. macam basi jekkan reason uhh? but, the thing is, that's the truth, the truth yang buat kitorang kenal, jumpe, berkawan and and FALLING in love. waaa. mcm funny, tp yet, soo sweet!

hee Alhamdulillah, masing2 xde la gelojoh naww sebok nak declaire, it took 4 about 6 month knowing each other, then baru laa jumpe, n baru laa tangkap cintan. huhu zaman budak2 kan, lagi2 zaman sekolah, mule2 ingat macamx serius sangatt, but then, masing2 pown da banyak bagi effort yang meninggi utk kekalkan relationship nih. so, aku y selebet nih diterima oleh dia yang tue setahun dr aku, bestt woo. terasa ini dunia, haii ana lahh y punyee. hee thanks sayangs.

nak dijadikan cerita, macam2 yang dah kitorang tempuhi, if nak story mory kat cini, rase2 da boleh buat novel 6 siri dah, kalah twilight woo. hehehe. sayang, nak taw something tak? you're still the one! the one that i love, the one that i wish still here, besides me, the one that i wanna wish good night, the one that i wanna hold tight with, and the one is, you, MUHAMMAD ADI SHUKOR. walllahhh.

thanks sanggup menunggu, thanks sanggup bersabar, thanks sanggup mempertahankan, man, mane de lagi da kat dunie nih orang semacam awak. and, luckily i've found u first! i wont give up, n i wont give in, i wont let u down bebehhh. with Allah wills. :)

bialaa berapa orang pown y cube memburukkan awak, tapi di sini ingin saya tegaskan bahawasanyaaa, AKU LEBIH TAHU. haa nahh amek lirik nih. (tetibe jek).


Aku Lebih Tahu 

Ku tahu

Kau bukan lawan untukku
Sampaiku harus cemburu
Fikirkan dirimu

Bukan mahu
Cuba dabik dada dgnmu
Siapa dia kasihku
Aku lebih tahu

Luar dan dalam
Tiada rahsia
Lafaz dan diam
Dah pun kubacanya
Langkah dan ragam
Hanya mencinta bahagia

Dalam cinta harus saling percaya
Dalam cinta harus berani pasrah
Dalam cinta harus janganlah goyah
Dalam cinta harus sejiwa
Dalam cinta harus saling percaya
Dalam cinta harus berani pasrah
Dalam cinta harus janganlah goyah
Dalam cinta harus sejiwa
Saling percaya

haaa kan ade kaitan kan dgn tajuk nih. hee okayy pepps. that's it. will continue blogging after menyelesaikan tugas di toilet. daaa.

da lame xmencapup picture. hehe sajee gedik ngade2.