Friday, 1 April 2011

its the FINAL countdown for apr 2011.

helloo heyy,
Assalamualaikum readers!

oke, for about 2 - 3 weeks to go, n i'm starting to count a day 4 the End of my DIPLOMA session. yeayyy! but yer, deep in my heart, im afraid, is there is any possibility that i can further my study? and yes, 4 sure, test 2 pown x habis agy kot LYNA, soo, catch up! heee catch up dgn blogging dloo, then baru boleh stady. pape tahh. haishhh. okee, enough, here:

20 APR : SELLING aka MKT361
23 APR : OM 
25 APR : ENT

yawww. diz sem is kinda xde byk sangat gap, soo x boleh nk honeymoon sangat laa kan if nk dibandingkan dgn sem2 sebelumnya. n i think, i should start to make a notes, n cover up all the 4 subject fer diz semester. last sem kowt, op coz la nk perform, but, pape pown, i know my ability, n i will force myself, to reduce all the laziness n SYAITONN y ade dlm dr ini. so lyna, GO GO CHAIYOK! AJA AJA FIGHTING! :))

p/s : i really do wanna make my parents proud woo. pray 4 me. InsyaAllah.

okee, da cukup da mencapupkan gambar aku lagii. hee sorryyy.

okeyy, bubbyee, tc~~
salammm. :))

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